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House 02

The location used to be called “Kalavradika” and this stands for a place that offers good nights. House no.2 enjoys beautiful sunsets, the view of Cyclades and passing ferries… and changes of sceneries with respect to the seasons, in a very peaceful and soothing way. However, the main town- the Chora that hosts the port, is only ten minutes away or thirty minutes walking an old paved man and horse path. Furthermore, the inclination of the plot and the surroundings is such that the majestic views the house enjoys are secured from any future development. It occupies land area of more than two thousand square meters, suitable for nicely appointed gardens or cultivation and will enjoy stone pieces of art both indoors and outdoors. House no.2 has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and four stone built fireplaces. Its construction phase is prior installations or customization and forthcoming images of the settlement can be viewed in the gallery above.

This house is available for sale. Please contact us for more information.

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